Thursday, May 8, 2014

FEAR poem


Feeling Rotten Earth Everyday.
Freedom Rights Expose Exelence.
Fear Rights Exposes Everyone.
Feeling Ratchet Envy Exposes. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Forever Young

Forever Young.

It feels like it was just yesterday,
Oh how time has flown away.
We had no worries
No cares,
Nothing to prove
And no time to be cool.
we just had striaght up fun,
being Forever Young.

Monday, April 14, 2014



Title: Freddie and The Monsters (Danish book)

Author: Dennis J├╝rgensen

Publisher: TELLERUP

Freddy, an eleven year old boy, in love with horror story's, one day meets and gets kidnapped by the Neandercastles monsters, because they seek his help, and in five dangerous, nail bitting, toe tripping, spine cooling, goose-bump creating, fun adventures he ends up traveling most of the world with Count Dracula, Eddie The Werewolf, The Frankenstein monster Boris, The headless (littereally) knight Sir Arthur Fieldstein, The Mummy creatively enough named Mummy, and Nitan the popcorn eating and loud burping dragon, and also creates an unbreakable friendship with each of the special and possibly mythical creatures.

Why to/ Not to read it:
It's an amazing, fun, exciting and hilarious book, with countless snarky comments from Eddie to Count Dracula, Count Draculas "red soda instead of blood" Diet because of his, and i quote: "weak tummy condition" and also the amazing and interesting adventures that will have you laughing, crying, or slapping your forehead because of stupid decisions, but no matter what emotions you get, you will absolutely fall completely head-over-heals for this book, i recomend you read it right away!